Company Sustainable Development

We develop innovative products of the highest quality whilst respecting rigorous standards of ethics.

Since 1999, the objective of the JCDecaux Group has been to promote ongoing sustainable development.

Now the Group continues dedication to its commitment of working proactively with cities, transport companies, airports and advertisers as well as media and advertising agencies to improve the urban environment.

JCDecaux goes out of its way to optimise the use of natural resources; pays particular attention to the choice of its suppliers on the basis of the Group’s economic as well as qualitative, environmental or ethical values; encourages its employees to adopt responsible, eco-friendly gestures; a number of initiatives are currently being evaluated with a view to expanding the range of environmentally friendly products and services made available by the Group for its employees.

To reflect the Group's commitment to pursue an economic development respectful of people and the environment, the corporate Sustainable Development Direction was created in 2007. The continued involvement of JCDecaux's teams on these challenges underlines the Group's dedication to fulfil its global corporate responsibility engagements. To obtain more related information go to