Services City collage (module ads)
RTS Decaux offers you an alternative to newspaper advertising in a “City collage” format located in a highly visited areas — public transport bus stops! The guiding principle for advertising placement on suchlike format is a blend of newspaper composition and  of all the best affiche format may offer. The printing quality responds to these characteristics as well – full color printing of 1440 dpi resolution. This product is available for Astana and Almaty cities.

Minor advertising modules are placed on  1,8x1,2 m format posters, facing passengers standing inside of bus shelter. MOdule size varies from 100 to 6000

City collage covers 150 bus shelters in total.

Unlike newspapers, City collage will “work” throughout the whole month and deliver information for an audience of nearly 900, 000 people.


  • grants an opportunity to target maximum clients due to large public transport passenger traffic;
  • allows to use visual means of reaching potential client’s conscious;
  • moderate and affordable prices;
  • esthetically agreeable alternative to random placement of unauthorized want ads and leaflets.