News Campaigns Angry Whopper is here!

Angry Whopper is here!

The chain of restaurants Burger King keeps on surprising us with their creativity. This time the brand launched a truly hot “Angry Whopper” ad which offers you to try an incredibly delicious sauces firmness of the seasonings and a fiery red bun.


At the beginning of winter we launched the campaign for the brand Burger King.

For an even covering of the city was used a network coverage using citylights and scrolling Seniors in Almaty and Astana.


Extraordinary and creative decisions of outdoor advertising placement on city light in Almaty because one of the features of the campaign a warm “lightbox” was placed on one of the bus stopping complex, which allowed to warm up while waiting for public transport.

In addition, light extruders were made which caught audience’s attention.

Customer: Burger King

Project: Angry Whopper

Media agency: BIG IDEA GROUP

Creative agency: Cheese/BIG IDEA GROUP

Placement: RTS Decaux