News Campaigns "Mishka na Poluse", familiar from childhood!

"Mishka na Poluse", familiar from childhood!

Autumn has come already… but do not to be sad my friend!

During the last month of the summer, “Shin Line” company pleased the market with the new product and took us back to the childhood with only one piece of the ice cream call “Mishka na poluse”.


Together with the client, media and creative agencies and our resources, we launched the advertising campaign of the new product. For the first time we “packed” the Citylight MUPI as well as made it alive. If you do not trust us, you can check it out by yourself. Walk aside these ice creams and experience it!


Client: Shin-Line LLP
Media Agency: ARBAT Advertising LLP
Campaign: Mishka na Poluse
Operator: RTS Decaux